Glow Galaxy

Only Visible at Night

Charged by daylight

A unique, bespoke galaxy. Filled with the Milky way, the moon, black holes, constellations and thousands of stars.

This is the third night of no tv. Lying on the front room floor with the family checking out zoe’s awesome artwork. If u are thinking about having zoe’s work done don’t think about it, do it. These pictures don’t do it justice it’s so much better with the naked eye. It’s awesome.

Richard Smith

Toby’s galaxy ceiling is amazing. Really happy and can’t wait to get the nursery done next. Thank you. Highly recommend x

Claire Skinner

My children have their friends round for sleepovers, “camping out” under the stars in their bedroom. It is utterly magical, I want one for our bedroom!

Helena Wolfe

Glow Galaxy Art

How do I book one?

Step 01

Contact me to discuss your bespoke Glow Galaxy Ceiling. Let me know the size of your room, box room, master bedroom etc.


Step 02

When you are happy, confirm price and date for me to paint your ceiling. I will require a deposit of £50 to confirm the day agreed.

Step 03

I arrive, cover furniture and carpets to protect them, in 3-4 hours I will create your Glow Galaxy Ceiling for you.

Step 04

Wait for the night, lie back, turn out the lights and watch thousands of stars appear, look for your constellations and more!

Each ceiling is unique

Every ceiling I create is unique. I design the ceilings depending on how much light comes into the room, where the windows are, and which direction they face.
I layout the galaxy so the best point of view is from wherever the viewer is most likely to be, usually the bed, or the best seat in the room.

Personalise your Sky

I am often asked to use constellations easily found in the sky above the UK. Can you see The Plough, Orion and Cassiopeia in this photo? I have created a ceiling for a family who had recently moved here from Australia, where I added the Southern Cross.
I also add starsign constellations, in this one there is Sagittarius, just to make it personal.

Glow Galaxy Art


Every room is different, so I will give you a quote once you have contacted me.
Outside of Kent travel expenses will be added. However there is room for negotiation if I am doing more than one ceiling etc.
A rough guide to price would be £150 for a box room, £200 for a bedroom.


I am DBS registered.
I am insured for up to £500,000 public liability insurance.

Any Questions?

Get in touch

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