In the dark  Paint

The Perfect Paint

The paint is water based UV paint. They have been sourced globally and are the best quality.
They will glow for up to 4 hours, and will last for at least 15 years. They are charged by daylight, and as they dry off white, by day they are virtually invisible.

Painting in the Dark

When painting a ceiling, after covering the furniture and carpet in protective sheets, I paint in darkness. The windows are blacked out with blinds which I supply, and use UV lights, or black lights, to see and charge the paint. This is quite an art as you can’t truly see the paint, until the UV lights are turned out. This is where years of practice is necessary.
Daylight is enough to charge the paint, even on a cloudy day. However if you find you want to give your ceiling or artwork a boost, I can provide UV lights, bulbs tubes or torches. The UV light is completely safe.